Sewing Machine Guide

Sewing Machine Anatomy

Default Settings

Default settings should be set before anything else!

TensionSet at 4
Needle PositionSet in the middle
Width Set at 3

Winding a Bobbin

  1. Insert Chosen color of spool 
  1. Thread the thread from the spool through the metal loop with a number 1 indication
  2. Wrap the thread around the the bobbin winder tension disk
  3. Remove the bobbin from the bobbin housing (near the needle). Put it on the bobbin winder (top right of the machine) as shown in the image above.
  4. Find the hole in the top of the bobbin. Stick the thread through it.
  5. Slide the bobbin winder to the right.
  6. Hold the end of the thread and then press the pedal. It should wind the bobbin.
  7. Cut the thread. Now you have a wound bobbin.

Threading the Machine (OR: Authothreader Tutorial – still need to do till step 8)

  1. Insert Spool of thread into the Spool Pin
  2. Pull the thread through the loop indicated with the number 1
  3. Pull the thread through the hook marked number 2

Seen in the photo below

4.Follow arrow 3 on the front of the machine

5. Loop up around arrow 4

6. Once looped up, secure the thread in the hook of the take up lever reference the sewing machine anatomy figure. (May need to rotate the knob on the right end 

7. Position the thread behind the metal tensioner located under the takeup lever

8. Move the thread behind the metal tensioner above the needle.

9. Thread the needle with the spool thread

10. Bring the thread through the hole on the foot and make sure the thread is under the foot

Threading The Bobbin

  1. Begin by placing the bobbin into the bobbin Housing with the thread coming off the top clockwise
  2. Next slide the thread along the wall of the bobbin housing in order to clip the thread into the clip in the bobbin housing. See the cover of the bobbin housing for reference. There is a diagram there.
  1. Once the bobbin is clipped in hold the top thread securely out of the way and turn the hand wheel towards yourself. Hold The Top Thread when spinning!

You will see the top thread pick up the bobbin thread. 

  1. Pull the top thread until you are able to grab a loop of the bobbin thread

This Video is a helpful reference:

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting

Large loops in the back of stitchTurn up tension, or check top threading
Bunching Bobbin ThreadRethread the sewing machine’s top and bottom thread
Top thread snappingLower your tension
Stitches are skippingCheck that needle is not bent or broken
Machine is stalled Fabric may be too thick Needle may be bent- Change the needleBobbin thread might be tangled . Remove the bobbin and cut the bobbin thread.DO NOT FORCE THE MACHINE FORWARD
Needle not moving Sewing machine may be in bobbin winding mode, if not see staff member